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Australia. 5 million Aussies Fish, Boat and Vote

Thursday, 01 August 2013

The Sydney International Boat Show Industry Breakfast was this morning the host for the launch of the recreational boating and fishing sectors’ combined campaign I Fish, I Boat and I Vote.  Focused on raising awareness of the impact and importance of the boating and fishing industries and community, the campaign comes just weeks ahead of the much-anticipated Australian Federal election.

Launching the campaign incorporating the boating industry’s new policy platform, Boating Industries Alliance Australia Chairman Darren Vaux said “There are over five million Australians who fish and boat every year.  Fishing and boating is Australia’s favourite recreational pastime, it’s part of our way of life.  We must ensure that our politicians really understand the important economic, social and environmental benefits that fishing and boating brings to Australia”

Speaking after the launch, Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation Managing Director Allan Hansard said “All Australians and all of Australia benefit from a successful fishing and boating sector.  I Fish, I Boat and I Vote sets out a policy platform which will provide for a secure future for us all.  We’re talking to politicians in Canberra and in every electorate around the country, encouraging them to consider what support and commitment they can provide to the five million Australians who take to the water each year”.

Representing the interests of the 2500 boating industry businesses and wider boating community, the Boating Industries Alliance Australia policy platform I Boat and I Vote sets out four core pillars of boating safety and education; access and infrastructure; regulatory reform; and industry and community support.  Vaux went on to say “The policy was welcomed and endorsed at the recent International Council of Marine Industry Associations Congress in London, at which commitment of the global industry to join the campaign was secured”.

In closing, Vaux called on all fishers and boaters to join the campaign. “Now is your opportunity to make your powerful collective voice heard in Canberra.  Join the campaign, have your say and secure your future.  I Fish, I Boat and I Vote. Do you?” he said.

Darren Vaux – Chairman BIAA 02 9457 9011

Allan Hansard – Managing Director ARFF 02 6282 8500

Nik Parker – General Manager BIAA 08 8212 6207

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