UK. Liverpool Maritime World Heritage status secure

Thursday, 28 June 2007

The World Heritage Committee at its 31st Session in Christchurch, New Zealand, concluded that the outstanding universal value of Liverpool's Maritime Mercantile City World Heritage Site is not threatened by the impact of new development but has asked for a further report next year.

In October 2006 UNESCO sent a monitoring mission to Liverpool with the

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) to assess the impact of current planning proposals in the vicinity of the World Heritage Site, the state of conservation of the site in its widest urban context and its integrity and authenticity. Since then the Government has worked closely with the World Heritage Centre, English Heritage, Liverpool City Council and other key stakeholders to provide assurances to UNESCO on the maintenance of the outstanding universal value and integrity of the site.

The Committee has welcomed an offer by the UK Government to use Liverpool as a case study for the development of UNESCO's overall approach to urban sites and in support of a subsequent UNESCO recommendation on Conservation of the Historic Urban Landscape.

Culture Minister, David Lammy said: "The Government welcomes the World Heritage Committee's affirmation of the outstanding universal value of this unique site at the heart of a vibrant and regenerating city.  This is a vote of confidence for all those involved in its conservation and management. We are also delighted that, as case study, Liverpool will be able to make a positive contribution to the World Heritage

Committee's approach to urban landscape world wide.

"Much has been done to ensure that re-development respects Liverpool's magnificent cultural heritage, particularly through planning control based on a keener understanding of townscape characteristics and sense of place and this will continue. We will also be looking at ways to further strengthen protections for our World Heritage Sites and their settings, building on proposals set out earlier this year in 'Heritage Protection for the 21st Century' and will be reporting progress to the World Heritage Committee next year."


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