Singapore. Gentay Pte Ltd launches low cost voice and data communications for vessels

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Gentay Pte Ltd are launching two new products within its expanding portfolio of operational solutions designed to reduce data and voice communications between ship and shore. With escalating costs of communications for ship/shore voice and data, combined with the increasing operational requirement for closer collaboration between office and vessel, Gentay Pte Ltd is continuing to develop and launch new products and services designed to manage and reduce these costs. Following on from the recent launch of the Gentay Low Cost Global Roaming SIM Card, Gentay are launching DataWAVE and SoundWAVE.

With SoundWAVE technology, Gentay have adapted proven innovations from the terrestrial environment that offer radical reductions in cost for ship/shore voice communications by up to 80% through using the latest in ultra-low bandwidth, high quality VoIP Technology. This proven technology delivers call costs of only US$0.04 per minute to 57 global destinations and low rates to all other global destinations. In addition, SoundWAVE also offers free unlimited calls between the vessels and the office as well as substantially improved billing in increments of only 6 seconds.

DataWAVE reduces the cost of sending and receiving data between ship and shore by integrating with the Gentay Global Roaming SIM Card. In addition, by using terrestrial cellular networks, data transmission speeds are multiplied many times, facilitating services that we take for granted in our office environment such as collaborative working, video conferencing, teleconferencing as well as remote network access from troubleshooting and network upgrades. This low cost solution can be deployed within the hour by the on board mariners and will instantly deliver substantial cost savings in data transmission between ship and office

Speaking about this service, Mr. Martin Nygate, Director of Gentay said:

“Communicating between the vessel and shore is rapidly becoming central to the efficient and safe operations of the fleet. Up-to-date information and the flexibility to adapt are subject to cost effective communications. Data transmission and collaborative cooperation based on high speed network connectivity is a prerequisite of running a competitive enterprise in the 21st century. DataWAVE addresses these issues by reducing the reliance on expensive and slow transmission satellite communications.

In addition, we all use the phone constantly to collaborate with our colleagues and stakeholders. Low cost calls are essential to conducting business and with mariners away from home for months on end, crew welfare and the ability for the company to provide very low cost calls for their crew is highly appreciated and contributes significantly to crew retention rates. SoundWAVE facilitates low cost – or no cost – ship/shore communications with investment of below US$500.”

Gentay has been established since 2002 with the purpose of defining and supplying the global Maritime and Oil & Gas industries with products and services that are unique in the market focused on meeting regulatory requirements whilst reducing operational costs.

Gentay Ltd prides itself on its market research and development abilities to identify and meet the requirements of its targeted market.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 28 August 2012 )