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Italy. Amazing transportation for the launch of Sanlorenzo Achilles:

Monday, 23 July 2012

46 metres of a Steel Sanlorenzo crossing the city during the night

Sanlorenzo made an amazing night-transportation for the launch of Achilles, a wonderful steel yacht of 46 meters (46Steel), that travelled across the city of Massa-Carrara (which is where the third Sanlorenzo shipyard in addition to Ameglia and Viareggio is located). This move from the shipyard to the marina was a short, yet spectacular sight.

A specialist team drove Achilles to the Carrara Marina, across a road that rarely sees yachts of this size. It took a huge deployment of forces to block off the road’s night time traffic, in order to allow the transit of this 151ft steel giant.

Once the yacht was at the marina, she was launched thanks to a special floating metal platform that supported the yacht, whilst gently lowering her into the sea.

The 46Steel Achilles is the fourth unit that has been delivered in the 46 metre line, from a total of six that have been sold. Each yacht has been delivered by Sanlorenzo to the owner with the utmost reliability and technologically advanced features. Most notably however, is that for over 50 years every Sanlorenzo yacht has been Made-to-Measure: reflecting each owner’s personal taste and requests, like a bespoke suit.

Achilles’ superstructure has three decks: the main deck, the upper deck and the sky lounge, which are constructed from aluminium.

The displacement hull, which is made of steel, is comprised of two more decks: the lower deck, which accommodates the guests and crew cabins, and the under-lower deck where the technical and service zones are located.

Achilles is capable to crossing the ocean safely and independently thanks to two Caterpillar 2,040 HP engines, which allow a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots. At 12 knots her range without refuelling is 4,000 nautical miles.

As with every yacht that is designed for long crossings, the Achilles Captain’s Cabin is located adjacent to the pilot house on the upper deck, separated from the crew zone, in order to allow him rapid and immediate monitoring of the navigation area.

For the 46 Steel, Sanlorenzo was inspired from the interior layouts of larger yachts, in order to ensure significant volumes and avoid any compromise in terms of comfort and space onboard.

To achieve this result, Sanlorenzo’s Technical Department designed a large hull with a bulbous bow and an open stern, which provides the required interior volumes. The Gross Tonnage of the 46 Steel is 499 GT, a value that permits the advantages of simplified rules and systems, compared to the regulations required for commercial vessels that are over 500 GT.

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Sanlorenzo shipyards were established in Viareggio in 1958 and up to 1985 the production consisted of semi-custom boats that were totally wooden-made. In 1985, the first Sanlorenzo fibreglass flying bridge was born, the SL57. In 1999 the company moved to Ameglia into a natural park area (Sanlorenzo is certified “UNI EN ISO 14001” which guarantees the utmost respect for the environment). The lines of the Sanlorenzo fleet have always been extremely classic, never-aging.

In April 2005, Massimo Perotti took over from Giovanni Jannetti the shipyards that become Sanlorenzo Spa.

Massimo Perotti, after bringing to completion many of the most original and successful products of the sector, decides to leave the industry figures where he had built his background to join a tradition of absolute perfection and small production numbers. The Sanlorenzo philosophy remains focused on “customization and total dedication to the customer, top notch quality and personal relationships”.

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