RS:X Worlds: Racing Blown off by 40 knot gusts

Saturday, 24 March 2012

This morning the Bay of Cadiz was covered in white caps. The AP went up. Racing was postponed in the hope that the wind would moderate. It topped out at 40 knots plus mid morning and stayed there until 1500hrs. Up went the AP over A. No racing

The Race Director, Rob Lamb had a well thought through plan of action in the event that he decided that racing would be possible. And that was to call out one group at a time and race them on a windward/leeward course. That way he could provide the necessary safety cover with the help of the coach boats.

To do this and get 4 starts required 4 hours of  daylight. Cut off time was therefore 1500hrs

Instantly the decision had been made. The wind began to moderate. Such is life. How many times have you been at a regatta and experienced the same thing?

Mind you, the time ashore has not been wasted. The coaches have had a meeting to discuss the big questions facing the class so that delegates are well prepared for the 2012 RS:X Annual General Meeting tomorrow.

Tomorrow was scheduled to be a rest day if and only if a minimum of 4 races had been run. It will now be used to do one race in each fleet so that, hopefully, we can start the finals on Sunday on schedule...

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Rory Ramsen RS:X CLASS

Men Top 5

1. FRA6 Julien Bontemps 7.0

2. GRE8 Byron Kokalanis 10.0

3. GER3 Toni Wilhem 10.0

4. ISR21 Nimrod Mashiah 11.0

5. NED8 Dorian van Rijsselberge 11.0

Women Top 5

1. ISR1111 Lee Korzits 5.0

2. POL8 Zofia Klepacka 5.0

3. ESP1 Blanca Manchon Dominguez 5.0

4. POL7 Maja Dziarnowska 11.0

5. UKR9 Olha Maslivets 11.0

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