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Wednesday, 09 June 2004
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Leaders to the east, but new breeze due in the west later

While we are enjoying a heat wave, the same high pressure weather feature over the country has spelt bad news for many of the yachts, particularly those to the West. For Kunachi however it’s been a great night as they stormed into the lead.

By making a bold move to the east of the fleet yesterday they have held the dying breeze the longest. “Chasing the wind will be more important than chasing our competitors.”

Commented Kunachi in their daily log yesterday. So far they seem to have done a pretty good job of that.

The rest of the fleet have really bunched up, with only 55 miles separating front from back. The last slot is now held by Besso, with The Firm moving into 6th position having overtaken Team Save the Children. They will be pleased to be well and truly back in the race.

Barclays and SAIC are still very much in the game, with Barclays in particular climbing to within 15 miles of the leaders.

The biggest losers must surely be BP Explorer and Team7. It must be frustrating to not only lose the lead, but also see the hard won gains on the rest of the fleet be eroded throughout the night as they wallowed in very little wind.

But will it all change? Looking at the weather charts, new wind from the south east (headwinds) is due in the next 24 hours and that will fill in from the west, getting to Besso, and the other western yachts first. This could be very bad news for the lead yachts, who are all to the east on the fleet.

So it’s all to play for…..

Looking forward, the fleet are forecast headwinds for the remainder of the race once this low wind phase has gone through – Race Organisers are today looking at the possibility of the fleet being late into Southampton and what impact that may have on the prize-giving scheduled this Saturday. We will keep you up to date.

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