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Monday, 06 November 2006
Coralie Rassinoux:

A good weekend’s work sees Mike Golding having closed to within 325 miles of Bernard Stamm, race leader of the Velux 5 Oceans, the closest the leading Briton in the race has been yet since he was forced to stop in La Coruna unexpectedly 11 days ago. Still reeling in on Japanese skipper Kojiro Shiraishi, Mike still has 79 miles to cover before he can expect to share sushi with his fellow competitor. Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss is now 222 miles behind ECOVER.

While Mike lines up to cross the equator for the 18th time racing and record breaking tomorrow, his pleasure is doubled by the fact that he today confirmed he is out of the ITCZ or Doldrums and has picked up the first of the SE’ly Trade Winds.

“I had a good weekend generally,” he told us today, “I think the zone was holding up Bernard more than us and we have made pretty reasonable progress. All we have to worry about now is that it does not suddenly come south of us. As it stands and as I see the weather files, we are through it and this is the beginning of the SE’ly trades.”

“It is really hot during the day. I have to sail with the hatches shut because of the showers and water coming over the deck so it’s really hot and unpleasant below decks. I have to run the engines for 4-5 hours a day to charge the electrics and so I try to pick a time which is coolest but I still end up with hot water coming through the taps.”

Mike explained that he has not yet felt the need to speak to any of his rivals on the race course.

“I’m sure I will, maybe, but there is plenty of phone usage going on between the boats and shore without me imposing myself on anyone else.”

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