Velux 5 Oceans: Zen meditation helps Shiraishi cope with unpleasant conditions on Spirit of Yukoh Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 November 2006
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With 540 miles to the Equator, Kojiro Shiraishi is beginning to roast on Spirit of Yukoh. In a message to the VELUX 5 OCEANS race office he described grim conditions aboard: "It is very hot inside the boat now. The regular temperature is 32 degrees and then I turn on the engine for charging and it gets to almost 40 degrees. We have a bit of headwind at the moment, and so the waves over the bow mean I have to keep the fore hatch closed and air circulation is terrible. Between the humidity and engine noise, it is a scorching hell!"

In second place after 14 days of racing, the thirty-nine year-old, Japanese skipper is characteristically modest about this achievement and his novice status: "To be able to have good stable days in this race, I think we need time, preparation and money, but we do the best with what we have and always try our best. It's OK as we are still in training mode in our first time in the Open 60 world."

Koji also revealed his unique method of coping with the conditions on board: "This is an important time to keep mind and spirit clear. Zen meditation is really valuable for us now."
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