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Monday, 30 October 2006
Company news:

Millennium Cell Inc. (NASDAQ: MCEL), a leading developer of hydrogen battery technology, has announced that it has agreed to supply up to 250 Hydrogen on Demand® fuel canisters for delivery in mid-2007 to South Carolina as part of the Greater Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge. The canisters will provide the hydrogen fuel for Jadoo’s line of N-Gen Fuel Cell Power Units and XRT Extended Runtime Accessories targeted for use with emergency responders, Homeland Security and other “off-grid” power support applications in Columbia, South Carolina.

The initial units will be manufactured by Millennium Cell utilizing manufacturing techniques developed under its 15 month National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) program which began in late 2005. The objective of this program is to increase the manufacturability of fuel canisters using Millennium Cell’s technology. Collaborators on this ongoing program include The Dow Chemical Company, EWI, and NextEnergy.

With over 2200 W-hrs runtime, the XRT is ideal for off-grid, critical applications such as portable radio and laptop battery recharging, powering mobile law enforcement surveillance installations as well as providing back-up power for critical communication devices like satellite phones and modems.

The XRT uses six metal hydride canisters for hydrogen fuel storage today, which weigh approximately 30 total pounds. With the new chemical hydride-based fuel canister jointly developed by Millennium Cell, the XRT will deliver the same runtime with half the fuel canister weight.

“This program provides an ideal opportunity to implement manufacturing knowledge developed under the NCMS program and gives us the experience to add additional canister manufacturing capacity to support Jadoo’s launch of commercially available units later in 2007,” said Adam Briggs, President. “The market for our Hydrogen on Demand® technology in industrial market applications is beginning to emerge and we are excited to work with Jadoo Power Systems to meet that demand.”

“Jadoo and Millennium Cell are leading the way in portable fuel cell development,” said Larry Bawden, President and CEO, Jadoo Power. “Providing power flexibility within our line of N-Gen and XRT products, as well as delivering necessary fuel options in the future are critical steps to supporting the largest variety of portable power applications.”
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