Italy. Yachtica introduces automated living on board
The wireless automation system
Photo: The wireless automation system
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Thursday, 19 October 2006
Product news:

Innovations are not always clearly visible to everyone because sometimes they can only be seen by experts in the field. This applies to the new concepts that Yachtica introduced at the Genoa International Boat Show 2006. The concept can be summed up in just one word: “wireless”.

After a number of studies and final tests, the wireless automation system is now ready to be launched. This system becomes wireless because it eliminates keyboards, switches and control interfaces, as well as the on board automation system wiring.

Nothing will change from the outside. However, if we think of the great innovation this system will bring to shipyards in terms of production and re-fitting, we can immediately understand the advantages to the industry.

Therefore, wiring between switches, push-buttons, sensors etc, as well devices will no longer be needed. This will greatly help the ship builders because during ship re-fitting it will be much easier and quicker for them to do the wiring. The system is also very flexible as it is very simple to make changes if these are needed later in the future.

The main features of the system are the following: ease of use, great performance and time-saving and hand-crafted.

Here is a brief description of the automation system: keyboards, push-buttons and control interfaces are connected to a micro sender, which communicates wirelessly with the automation system thereby disposing of any wirings which are normally used by traditional systems to give directions.

The only wiring remaining will be the power lines, which are necessary for the operation of both the devices and the Bus system. The technical features cannot be revealed yet, but what we already know is that restricted band and short range cover, despite the wireless systems for PC networks. This kind of wireless, which is different from the traditional wireless available on the market, will really satisfy the automation market by providing to the wireless technology very simple devices, such as push-buttons, sensors, openings, blinds and curtains, lighting, etc by little consumption and security in the signal transmission.

The wireless automation system will be exhibited at METS
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