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Wednesday, 18 October 2006
Caroline Chetelat:

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) announces the appointment of Mr. Kevin Ritz and Mr. Andy Tufts, co-owners of Cruising Essentials, LLC as ABYC’s Pacific Coast Representatives. Kevin and Andy will provide vital local representation in a very strategic geographical market for the areas of membership, educational services and standards based technical assistance as coordinated with the ABYC headquarters in Annapolis, MD. Kevin and Andy’s territory will cover: California; Oregon; Washington; Idaho; Nevada; Utah; Arizona; Alaska; British Columbia and Alberta, Canada; Baja, California and Sonora, Mexico.

Ritz and Tufts are both currently ABYC Certified Electrical and Corrosion Technicians, and are lifelong boaters. Ritz started Cruising Essentials, LLC in 1993, with a focus upon quality marine product sales. Prior to this, Kevin’s previous work experience was focused upon retail sales and management in the consumer electronics industry. Tufts’ is a former charter boat business owner. He currently holds a 100 ton, USCG Masters license, with a Near Coastal endorsement and has made many offshore trips up and down the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. Today, Cruising Essentials has gone from a marine sales focused business to a full service electrical product installation and service company that is dedicated to providing the boating community with quality marine products and services that meet ABYC standards.

Skip Burdon, ABYC President said, “Cruising Essentials was appointed in order to expand ABYC’s exposure along the West Coast of the North American Continent, and we are very pleased to have both Kevin and Andy as members of the ABYC Team. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry and ABYC’s mission is exceptional. Having them as a convenient resource and contact point for our current and potential members will greatly enhance the support ABYC can give to the West Coast region. Our long term intent is to set up a fully staffed West Coast office as we expand our presence and services in this important maritime region.”

Ritz commented that, “We are thrilled about this opportunity and look forward not only to being able to represent ABYC out here, but to have a hands-on working relationship with ABYC as they expand their operations, access and educational programs in a more concerted way to the Pacific Northwest.”
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