France. Francis Joyon reveals details of the new IDEC; solo record attempt next year
The new IDEC
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Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Marian Martin

"I remain faithful to my philosophy.” said Francis Joyon, when revealing details of his new boat “so IDEC is a simple boat." The first man to sail round the world solo, in under 80 days (72 days and 22 hours), wants reliability above all, as confirmed by Nigel Irens and Benoît Cabaret, the designers of the new trimaran. "Francis is not a man of gadgets, he wants a boat that suits his image, i.e. solid, powerful and without frills. The final form of IDEC fills these criteria."

With its 29.70 metre central hull, 24.50 metre floaters and a width of 16.50 metres, the boat represents, for Francis "the best compromise between the search for power and my capacity to manage what I will have under my hand... and I am certain, right now, that this IDEC will require more vigilance and anticipation that its predecessor! As a balance though, the fact that we have been able to lengthen the stem of central hull and add more volume means that I will be able to face the long Southern Ocean surfings – the main black spot - with relative serenity!” In this same vein, the sail plan of the trimaran has been moved back, so as to obtain more lift at the stem.

In terms of sail area, the new boat will carry about 10% more than the old IDEC, but the biggest change is in the distribution, since this boat will be able to carry larger headsails. In addition to this increase in power, there will be a big gain in weight, for the new IDEC will weigh in at about 11 tons, ready to go round the world, whereas the old boat weighed 16 tons, so as Francis says “There will be a major jump in performance.”

The biggest gain, though, could come from the ergonomics and deck layout, because this boat has been designed for single handing, which could certainly not be said about the old IDEC.

"My cockpit is closed off by the back arm” Francis pointed out “and I have designed a sort of protective bubble, in order to have a place to rest. It will also, partially, protect me when I’m at the helm and the arrangements mean that I will be able to carry out the maximum of manouvres from there."

IDEC will be launched next June and after a summer period of development, and Francis intends to set off round the world at the end of autumn, with the aim of regaining the solo record that was taken from him, last year, Ellen MacArthur. "Of course, it the important thing is to beat the current time” says Francis “but I must admit that I’d very much like to get below 70 days!" He could well do so, because IDEC’s designers estimate that, given the same weather conditions, the new IDEC is likely to take about 3 days off the record.

IDEC statistics

Length: 29.70 m

Floaters : 24.5 m

Beam: 16.5 m

Weight : 11t

Sail area close hauled : 350 sq m

Sail area running: 520 sq m

Mast height: 32 m

Naval architects: Nigel Irens / Benoît Cabaret

Shipyard: Marsaudon Composites / Lorient
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