USA. Cougar Ace stable but Coast Guard reports vehicle damage on most decks; more pictures
Cougar Ace leaking carbon dioxide
Photo: Cougar Ace leaking carbon dioxide
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Sunday, 20 August 2006
Marian Martin

The USCG Marine Safety Detachment, in Dutch Harbor, has reported that the Cougar Ace is stable, but most decks suffered vehicle damage and all the vehicles must be resecured.

The owners, Mitsui OSK Lines, and the contracted salvor, Titan, are conducting soundings of all tanks to verify the vessel stability in order that Titan can return operation of the Cougar Ace to Mitsui OSK Lines.

The vessel’s emergency generator is on line and the service generator is being considered for placing back on line, once Titan releases the ship back to its owners.

The water and sewage systems and the main and low pressure carbon dioxide fire systems are inoperable, as there was a loss of CO2 when the Cougar Ace began to list. They will be evaluated for repairs by the owners. The owners will also clean spilled transmission fluid and other lubricants, from all the car decks, and containerize the recovered fluids for proper disposal.

The Tugs Sea Victory and Gladiator remain standing by Cougar Ace on scene, in Wide Bay, with the Makushin Bay, Kashega Barge and the M/V Redeemer in port.

The salvage crew has boarded the Cougar Ace and recovered and organized all salvage equipment back onboard the Makushin Bay and Redeemer. This equipment will be kept on stand by at the dock for demobilization back to Titan's warehouse in Florida.

Another 20 pictures have been added to the Cougar Ace album in the BYM Photo Gallery.
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