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Tuesday, 18 April 2006
Dee Caffari:

You will not believe my bad luck, in fact this will probably make many of you laugh. I wanted to cry, that was after I screamed and then plucked up enough courage to deal with the incident. 'What on earth happened?' I hear you cry.

Now the weather is heating the inside of Aviva up quite substantially, I have the hatches open to help circulate what little air there is whilst sailing downwind. It also seems that flying fish only land on deck at night. Clearly they can see or tell that there is 72 feet of steel passing by during the day and they avoid it, at night this is not the case and I spend the first part of the morning clearing the deck of flying fish that crash landed in the dark. Now for one unfortunate fish, not only did he manage to find Aviva, but he also managed to find the hatch to the starboard heads. This hatch is no bigger than a piece of A4 paper, so that was a pretty good aim. However, a rather dozy eyed Dee had to visit the heads during the early hours of the morning and put one foot into the heads as I turned the light on. Well I was impressed at how fast I moved considering I hadn't had my eyes open for that long. It was truly horrible. I went to get my trusty dustpan that lives in the cuddy now for my morning patrol, and removed the fish from the interior of Aviva. I then used the port heads, as I couldn't bring myself to use the starboard heads after their most recent visitor. Needless to say I cleaned the heads this morning.

My first job in daylight was to change the headsail for the Code 0 again as the wind had eased a little and the sky was clear of threatening clouds. This swapping over of sail plan happened quite often today. I was just trying to keep the boat speed averages up and sail Aviva with the most productive sail plan. In between sail changes I serviced another winch so that is five down and eight to go.

We are continuing on our quest to the west as we watch the doldrums continue to expand above us. The SE Trade winds are being very settled now and are making for some consistent conditions. The sea temperature is up to 27 degrees and the tan is coming along nicely, however I am getting increasingly desperate to return into the northern hemisphere, then clear the doldrums, after that comes crossing my outward bound track. That will complete a sailed loop around the globe and I believe there is a competition for who can get closest to the position of when that will happen. There is a great prize on offer but it is a tricky call to make, I am even unable to offer any help as I have no idea myself, but I do have a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the fact which is probably warming up nicely in these conditions. Good Luck with the guesses.

Dee & Aviva
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