At sea. Alpha Global Expedition: Adian Flanagan and Barrabas 2000 miles from Hawaii Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 April 2006
Louise Flanagan:

Adrian is back in the northern hemisphere and in the calm waters of the doldrums again. These conditions should last for at least a week, testing his patience and sailing skills. Once north of this band of unstable weather Barrabas will experience some of the most exciting sailing waters so far. Adrian is well positioned to enjoy the NE Trade winds at a perfect angle in relation to his course to Hawaii, now just over 2000 miles away. Wind speeds of 15 to 25 knots on the beam will provide some fast runs and fun sailing.

In such a long voyage 2000 miles seems like nothing at all. In fact if Adrian can hold a 100 mile a day average he will see Hawaii in early May. But 2000 miles is the same as London to Nova Scotia on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! Or as far as Lisbon to the Azores and back!
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