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Monday, 17 April 2006
Dee Caffari:

I searched everywhere and yet I still couldn't find any Easter Eggs. I am guessing the Easter Bunny couldn't swim, so I comforted myself with a boil in the bag chocolate pudding. It was equally as indulgent and yummy. My real Easter present did arrive at about 0200hrs. The wind filled in and we were off sailing again at about 8 knots. This has stayed with us all day and as some black clouds went across, the wind shifted and increased and then returned back to where it was. We are still on our track to the west and I swear the bulge on the African continent is getting bigger. The doldrums are just north of the equator and are living up to their reputation of being a no wind area. Their expanse is widening making looking for a crossing more difficult and further to the west. Hopefully in the time it takes me to get to the equator, that will have changed and we will find a narrow area to pass through. Many changes can happen in a week in this area of the globe.

As the evening arrived so did more wind and Aviva was constantly heading off course with a wave or gust of wind. I was curious to see if the headsails would be a better sail plan than the Code 0, especially as there was an increased amount of cloud around and I would spend the whole night worrying about the Code 0 as the wind increased or as the clouds passed overhead. Nighttime makes sorting problems twice as difficult, also as much as I want to push really hard to get home, I also want to avoid days of sail repairs. I would rather have the sail to fly again then risk it. I decided that I would furl the Code 0 away and try Aviva with headsails and see what happened to the boat speed. It was a good call as the boat speed remained and yet I had eliminated the stress involved in flying the Code 0 over night. I can now get some rest and as the wind eases again I can change the sail plan accordingly.

Dee & Aviva
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