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Monday, 17 April 2006
Matias Collins::

Reaches dominates second day: 15 knot breeze from South - Southwest, cloudy, colder but flat water saw two races with reaches and a third one windward leeward. The first race won by Dofour team with Warburg, Celedoni, Smith followed by Vipal team with Nehm, Ribeiro and the third in a close finish reaching by only a meter and passing by leeward the USA 807 with Collins, Ezcurra, Morillo over Pastaaciutta team Busch, Tufarolo, Feldtmann.

The second race again a course number two with a double triangle with a windward/leeward lap in the middle(for rest purpose?) Saw the same fight for third and four in the first race but now by Pastaaciutta leading the race followed by USA 807 the third place appeared the former olympic 470 contender Shoslin team with Despontin, Noceti, Sasso.

The third race started in a lack of wind and had Dofour team leading all the way followed by USA 807 who lost the second place at the second beat for team Next with Nottenbohm, Tumulty, Carissmi and then another two places in the last run finishing third Shoselin team and fourth Vipal team.

Pastaaciutta with Busch, Tufarolo, Feldtmann leads the overall standings in a tie with Dofour team both with 11 points. Followed by Vipal team with Nehm, Ribeiro & Riberio with 14 points and fourth Shoselin team Despontin, Nocetl, Sasso with 19 points. USA 807 is fifth with 21 points.

Warburg, Celedoni & Smith crowned:

The last day of the 26th Soling South American Championship started sunny and cold with 22 knot breeze with 38 knots of gusts and shifts of 30 degrees. The first race course number two with a double triangle and a windward/leeward sausage in between saw the Solings flying and crews working really hard to control the boats. The race was a close fight from the start for the title between the three first in the overall positions Dofour team with Warburg, Celedoni & Smith in a tie with Pastaaciutta team with Busch, Tufarolo, Feldtmann and from Brazil the Vipal-Rage team with Nehm, Ribeiro & Riberio.

The victory came to the Vipal-Rage team complicating more the situation for the leaders followed by Dofour and Pastaaciutta. At the same race the 4th and 5th position put USA 807 with Collins, Ezurra, Morillo in a better position to fight against Sgoselin team with Despontin, Noceti, Sasso both finished the one in 4th and 5th.

The second race a windward/leeward course with even more wind again was dominated by Vipal-Rage team and again Dofour team in second and Pastaaciutta team in third. Next with Nottebohm, Tumulty, Carissimi team finishing 4th and with a bad race for both USA807 and Shoselin team now joined the fight for the 4th place.

The third race another windward/leeward saw a big wind decrease but kept the gusts making it very difficult to race. To the left USA807 and Shoselin team took the lead of the competition, but at the end the race went to Shoselin team followed by USA807 and in a close battle behind them the 2006 South American Champions the Dofour team with Gustavo Warburg, Hernan Celedoni and Maximo Smith who in the last run managed to pass by one length the Vipal-Rage team with George Nehm, Marcos Pinto Ribeiro and Lucio Pi,to Ribeiro. Pastaaciutta with Martin Busch, Marcelo Tufarolo and Maximo Feldmann kept the third and Shoselin team with Pablo Despontin, Pablo Niceti and Ezequiel Sassoby only one point kept the 4th overall over USA807 with Matias Collins, Andres Ezcurra, Fernando M. Morillo.

The prize giving ceremony a gala dinner inside the Club Nautico San Isidro gathered more than 150 people where prizes were presented and awarded to the winners besides sailors and friends enjoyed the food offered by the event sponsors Vines Familia Zuccardi, Nissan, Eve, Audemars Piguet and Audemars Piguet The after races offered by Eve and Audemars Piguet with Pizzas and more wine.

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