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Sunday, 16 April 2006
Mike Sanderson

"Life at the extreme" !!! There is no doubt about it, battled through last night trying to make the boat move at all as we crossed the ridge of high pressure that stood between us and the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay, with at times zero knots of wind and of course zero knots of boat-speed, having to work extremely hard for every inch, knowing that we just had to use every sniff of wind to wriggle our way through it and into the new breeze on the other side.

What is extreme about that you might say?? Well, the Extreme part is that tonight in gusts of 28 knots of wind we had to slow the boat down for a period as it was leaping off the waves, not knowing what's good for it. Miles wise all we could hope for was a fair concertina. In other words, we hoped that what we lost to Movistar as we were parked and she was still in the old breeze, we would get back when we exited the ridge into the new wind and she was still parked, and that was pretty much how it was.

We lost 23 in one sched and then in the next gained 16 back, however even though we where then both out, we had another good gain of 13 miles as we have sailed into more breeze. So all in all a pretty stressful and full on 24 hrs. Having Movistar as the chaser often gives me little flash backs to the Wellington finish and what we could have done differently there so not to have been caught up 30 miles in the last 100 as we sat in a wind hole off farewell spit, only to go on after a 100 mile match race to lose the leg by 9 seconds. Strangely enough our next big obstacle in this leg is the Chesapeake and it too is 100 miles from the entrance to the finish. So right now it is about trying to keep as much of a lead as possible, while not pushing the boat too hard, as I know for a fact that we might need at least 31 miles of lead if it all turns to custard.... Until tomorrow.
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