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Friday, 14 April 2006
Dee Caffari:

Having had a shower, everything felt better. I had put the interior of Aviva back together and had cleared away my tools that seemed to be spread throughout the boat. That alone made me feel better.

I got some rest and woke to find we were sailing in a pretty good breeze and still making good progress. I did my usual deck checks and can report on clearing 2 flying fish from the deck. There was a thick layer of cloud in the sky and yet you could tell that the sun was up there somewhere.

As the day wore on, the sky started to break up and clear leaving some lovely sunshine. Unfortunately with that went the breeze. It got lighter as the afternoon came, so into the sail locker I went. I came out eventually with the Code 0. It is a reaching sail and as we are gybing several times along our light breeze corridor and sailing angles, as the wind gets lighter I decided this was the right sail for the job.

After some organising and grinding, we had the headsails furled away and the Code 0 flying. It was a great change to be playing with sails and not having my head in a cupboard fixing pumps after the last few days.

Fingers crossed I can keep Aviva moving and not get swallowed up but one of the lighter wind patches that are tracking us down.

Dee & Aviva
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