France. Francis Joyon could have a new trimaran in 2007
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Thursday, 13 April 2006
Marian Martin

Francis Joyon is saying very little and Patrice Lafargue, CEO of his main sponsor IDEC, is saying even less, but the indications are that the trans-Atlantic solo record holder will have a new trimaran in 2007.

Last year, Francis Joyon broke the west-east solo transatlantic record by 22 hours, 33 minutes and 5 seconds setting a new time of 6 days, 4 hours, 1 minutes and 37 seconds on board his 90ft trimaran 'IDEC' at an average speed of 19.75 knot. During that crossing he also covered 543 miles in 24 hours, setting a new solo record. A year earlier, in the same boat, Francis had smashed the solo round the world record by over 20 days. Tragically, on the way back home, from his trans-Atlantic record, Joyon – who has never had the luxury of a shore team, or delivery crew, to help him – fell asleep and IDEC, formerly Sport Electric – crashed into rocks off Penmarc'h and broke up.

Patrice Lafargue vowed that IDEC and Francis Joyon would again go record breaking together and Joyon hoped he might buy Olivier de Kersauson’s Geronimo, but the price was too high and Lafargue announced that he hoped another sponsor might come in, so that a new boat could be built.

More recently, Lafargue has said that an announcement will be made at the end of May, but would reveal no details. Joyon would reveal no further details either except to say that, if an announcement were to be made at the end of May, it would then take a year to build the boat.

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