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Wednesday, 12 April 2006
Tim Kelly:

Breton seeks funding for Velux 5 Oceans yacht race. Gildas Iauch has a dream to sail around the world. As an insulin-dependent diabetic (type 1) since the age of 16, he has set his heart on the Ultimate Solo Challenge, the Velux 5 Oceans yacht race that starts in October 2006. Gildas’ story represents a unique sponsorship opportunity, inspiring diabetics all over the world that they too can lead challenging and exciting lives. The Velux 5 Oceans presents the perfect global platform to communicate these core values.

With his Open 60 grand prix racing yacht, Dynamic-Diabetic, ready for the challenge, Gildas is seeking sponsorship to fulfil his dream. Gildas, a 49 year-old from Brittany in France, has dedicated his life to the sea, with over 40 years of racing sailing experience and 30 years of ship building expertise. However, during the Velux 5 Oceans it will not simply be the winners in the media spotlight. An inspiring and motivational story can capture the hearts and minds of audiences throughout the world, especially in Europe, Australia and the USA where the race stops over.

Speaking from his base in Brittany, Gildas commented, “Sailing is the ultimate adventure and human dream. There are over 177 million diabetes sufferers throughout the world and over 2 million in France alone. I am committed to making history in single-handed round-the-world sailing. With a sponsor onboard, I believe we can make a big impact in the Velux 5 Oceans and generate real value with customers and clients alike.”

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Chairman of Clipper Ventures and organisers of the Velux 5 Oceans, commented on the campaign, stating, “Gildas will be very welcome in the Velux 5 Oceans. Historically, French solo sailors like Philippe Jeantot and Christophe Augin have built their reputations and dominated this race, and we’d be delighted if Gildas could join us this time. Gildas personifies the spirit of the ultimate solo challenge. He is an ordinary French man, a builder by trade, who wants to undertake an extraordinary adventure. The sport of solo sailing is embraced by the people of France. They understand more than many that this is a sport where heroes are born and incredible feats are achieved. This is the sport of dreams and adventures."

New technology has brought sailing to a truly global audience, through television, radio, newspapers, and Internet coverage. Every year big sailing races attract more and more exposure, continuously and increasingly its reach all around the world. With a new title sponsor in Velux, and a full media and PR team already in place, the Velux 5 Oceans offers boat sponsors a hugely powerful platform to communicate with attractive consumer types, clients and employees.

Gildas’ professional experience as a ship builder, his perfect technical knowledge of the boat, his passion for the open sea races and paradoxically, his handicap, will help Gildas to prepare himself to face the elements and fulfill his life long ambition.

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