At sea. Volvo Ocean Race: movistar's Bekking finds trade wind sailing boring Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 April 2006
Bouwe Bekking – skipper:

Had two shocking skeds after another, but than we knew that this would always happen, the guys behind us have more breeze. But it makes me very grumpy inside, and I know that's not good to show, as that can influence them all in a bad way. So trying to do little things in my off watch, which makes them feel good: like making an extra cup of coffee for the guys on deck, mopping out the bilges , washing the dishes etc, etc.

Not a single flying fish onboard this night, so no entertainment in that sense, it is just grinding, trimming ,driving, eating and sleeping and than again grinding........

Nearly forgot to say how boring tradewind sailing sometimes can be, but let's be positive, roughly 3.1 Sydney to Hobart races to go (the way we talk distances onboard under each other) or 39.9 % of the total distance since rounding Fernando to the entrance of the Bay.

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