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Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Hugh and Mark:

Well after 2 days of strong winds and rough seas we are now back to the old slap slap of the lifeless mainsail and genoa. Just off the Korean coast – New York cannot be far away as we have heard them on the VHF tell a ship that they were hardly moving as well.

Visibility about 2 boat lengths and so we have had both fog horns up and working. I woke from my mother watch lie in to hear one of them right up above my head but it was so feeble that I thought I was in Kent and the hunt was passing by a few miles away. I thought about starting a debate “argument?” on fox hunting but decided better not.

Due to various minor changes mother watch now starts at 0400 instead of midnight so today began at 0400 with a sail change from a Y2 to a Y1. During the previous 2 hours we had gone from 2 reefs to 1 and then to none. Took a bit of a struggle getting the Y1 on deck as it had been unceremoniously dumped down below in a bit of a hurry when the wind got up rather quickly.

Vegetarian meals today – wot no meat? – well there should have been but nowt in the day bags – still all seem quite content on JC – hoping to go kite flying tomorrow if weather is right!

That is all for now folks – sweet dreams!!
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