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Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Russ Jefferys & Catherine Green:

Speeds are back up at last as a low pressure system over the southern end of Japan shows good following winds. Cardiff continue to storm ahead and retain a good lead, but on distance run Durban take today’s prize covering 107 miles in the last 12 hours. This has also pushed them up to fourth place but the pressure is on as they are only one mile ahead of Glasgow and Victoria who are in equal fifth. Liverpool remain in second place, but are being chased by Uniquely Singapore who are only two miles behind.

The remaining four are a few miles further back, although with weather systems moving fast in this part of the world, the positions are set to change as the boats approach Japan and the Pacific.

Canadian journalist, Peter Robson, gets used to life on board Victoria

The reality of life aboard a modern sailboat racer is much different than most people think. First and foremost, the Clippers are racing sailboats. As they circumnavigate the globe, crews are expected push them to their maximum (but safe) speed at all times, meaning when the wind dies or increases, larger or smaller sails go up immediately, regardless of time of day or how tired the crew is. And believe me, even though I’m an experienced sailor, I’m already bone weary and every muscle aches from the backbreaking work of driving Victoria Clipper. The others, most of who are along for the entire circumnavigation, have honed their muscles and appear able to handle the work much easier.

These aren’t your ordinary people. These are strong—willed men and women who thrive on challenge—and there is no doubt that racing around the world is one of the greatest challenges and adventures still left on the planet. It is clear by their tenacity, drive, camaraderie, teamwork and pride in racing hard and making the boat go fast, that few would trade the experience for anything else.

Positions at 0400 GMT
Team DTF - DTL
1. Cardiff 5156 - 0
2. Liverpool 08 5178 - 22
3. Uniquely Singapore 5180 - 24
4. Durban 5182 - 26
5. Glasgow 5183 - 27
6. Victoria 5183 - 27
7. New York 5189 - 33
8. Qingdao 5192 - 36
9. 5197 - 41
10. Jersey 5200 - 44
DTF: Distance to finish
DTL: Distance to leader
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