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Monday, 10 April 2006
Kate and Bernie:

Who called it the Yellow Sea? Not sure why they call it Yellow – just looks grey and angry and rather lumpy. We are having a real bumpy ride at the opening of the race. What a pants day to be on Motherwatch. Gave up counting the headsail changes and reefs – mind you there are things more pleasurable than seeing the delight in faces as you declare that there is porridge for breakfast. Pumping the bilges remains a treat, ah essence of bilge water al over my socks.

Life at an angle again becomes hard work. Every time we slam down a wave the yacht’s bell rings. Three rings on the trot and the helm is lynched. Actually we have had relatively few slams – which is good news as each time it happens you can physically feel the boat slow down. To add to the fun we are currently dancing around the edge of a squal that looks like the Isle of Wight scudding across the radar screen. Dinner could well be a messy affair, which would be a shame given the fight earlier on today to get the gas working and not to mention Bernie’s cuisnial skills

Very little wild life to report. Creatures are not as daft as us lot. We are wrapped head to foot in Foul weather gear, to the point where very little is visible. People disappear into dry suits like they are preparing for a diving expedition –well it is as wet on deck I guess. We still have a long way North to go yet – oh deep joy. Simon has just appeared, drenched and looking like someone who ABSOLUTELY HATES BEATING. He is not alone, cup of tea required methinks.
Well, second round of dinner to be served, so better go. The team is

working hard and well, they need feeding and warming through. The squall seems to have gone for dinner too, praise be! Help to get out of wet suits is all part of the service – well, our hands are not as frozen as theirs.

Much love to all at home
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