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Monday, 10 April 2006
Bouwe Bekking – skipper:

17 knots of breeze, it feels nearly like sailing in a storm when you are inside movistar, after a week of light air sailing. All the familiar sounds & noises appear again, and the best part of it is making good miles towards to finish.........and the families!! The ride so far would have been a nice opportunity for the girls to come cruising along: flat seas, sunny and blue water, but not so sure if they would have liked the smell, the freeze-dried food and the sweat dripping off you.

The balance so far: won't say a word regarding ABN 1 that speaks for itself. The Pirates: Paul was in the same situation as we were last time with Amer Sports, late, very late on the water. He had a lot at stake, but it just shows his character: he is a winner, likes challenges and loves this type of sailing. Love him or hate him, don't forget he is one the personalities our sport needs. Well spoken, good writer and a proven winner. He has put together a very slick campaign, but as on movistar, they had their fair share of problems. Their speed is still a bit inconsistent, but his solid positioning saves them a lot of the time. Never, ever, count Paul out. Ericsson: with Kostecki and Ross Halcrow onboard it looked like they have got the change they were hoping for. But some bad luck put them back and then the Achilles heel is coming up. Their speed up to now is still not as good as the Pirates, who has the same hull. They have gone for very heavy deck equipment, but we won't blame that for the speed difference. I think they still suffering in their sail and rig programme, when you’re the last one, you can't do anything about it. They made a very late change just before the start of the race from Doyle to North sails, and made a huge improvement, but it still mend generation nr 1 sails for their campaign. Hopefully for them they still have a lot of sail buttons left, so they can still improve their wardrobe and their speed.

Brasil 1: in my opinion a rocket ship, fastest Farr boat upwind, fast downwind and reaching, if they would stick with the fleet a bit more, very dangerous.

ABN 2: they can be very fast, no doubt at all, but the loss of some key crewmembers has paid its toll. I think they are fighting a bit against themselves right now, and maybe they feel the growing pressure of being in 2nd place overall.

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