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Sunday, 09 April 2006
100 metres, 50 metres, 10 metres, HURRRAAA, movistar crossed the equator and are back in the northern atmosphere. In the meantime, loud noises downstairs and on deck to wake up our first time equator crosser Fernando Echavarri. Even that we are serious regarding our job, a bit of fun for the lads is important, especially since we all have gone through the equator crossing ceremony. PAYBACK TIME!!!!

So what do you do, when you are Fernando? Remember all this is new for him, this is not only his first equator crossing, but as well the first time that he is longer than 1 night on the ocean, lots of impression for him to take onboard. We have been really pumping him up with horror stories since he arrived in Rio, so understandably he came on deck with a pale face.

After welcoming King Neptune onboard movistar, smiles started appearing on the crew faces, as it looked like Neptune was in a bad mood, thrashing the offender with his whip immediately. Fernando got tied up at the stern and the crime list came out. As we have only have sailed less than a week together, the list was very short. But to name two crime's committed:

1) Sailing complete watch with one of Pepe's boots on his foot. Pepe had been searching for an hour in the stack to find his boot. Verdict: GUILTY!!! The punishment, couple of spoons of left over food, mixed with flying fish, thrown over Fernando. (Which had been collected over the last couple of days in a bucket, and the substance was very, very smelly).

Crime number two: winning the ISAF sailor of the year 2006 award. King Neptune thought that with all the good entertainment he has provided our sport over the years that at least he should have won this award. Verdict: GUILTY! The punishment: several clips of Fernando's hair disappeared and these were replaced with beautiful mermaid hair, which got glued on with spray glue.

But Neptune mood changed for the better, he must have felt a bit sorry for this poor sailor, whose eyes showed fear!!! So finally King Neptune gave Fernando his blessing, before disappearing as quickly as he had arrived. The entire encounter didn't last longer than 15 minutes, one of the shortest in history.

Not sure how many showers Fernando has taken since, but we are all staying a bit away from him, expecting that he still smells after his inauguration. But he has taken it well and smart cookie as he is, he will appreciate what life at the extreme can mean as well.
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