At sea. Volvo Ocean Race: Brasil 1 sails on through clean seas but no whales Print E-mail
Friday, 07 April 2006
Torben Grael – skipper:

We are surprised for not having seen a single whale yet. It is amazing the difference from when we sailed these waters 8 months ago. Then just looking carefully around and into the horizon one could easily see ten whales. We saw hundreds on the entire way, some really close, one even too close!!

Now apart from flying fish, all that we have seen were some dolphins. But as we approach Fernando I’m sure we’ll see hundreds of them as Noronha is famous for its dolphins.

After leaving Guanabara bay, is with great pleasure that I can see how clean our coastal waters still are. It is sad to see how bad the famous bay in Rio has been degraded . 40 years ago, my sailing club in Niteroi didn’t have a swimming pool. It wasn’t needed because waters were nicely clean. Imagine how they were 500 years ago when the Portuguese first got there.

The good news was to sail to leeward of the many oil platforms (I think today they are in excess of 50) and not see a single bit of oil in the sea.
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