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Monday, 06 February 2006
Teresa Page:

It’s been a busy weekend for boat arrivals in Antigua with three boats finishing in close succession yesterday and a further two more due in today.

At 0121 hours GMT on Sunday 05 February 2006, Boat No. 16 – Gurkha Spirit crewed by Al Howard and Nick Rowe became the twelfth boat to finish the Race and as the only non Woodvale Pairs class boat taking part, they are also the first boat to finish the Race in their class.

At 1450 hours GMT on the same day, Boat No. 88 – Charmed Life crewed by Andrew Morris and Woodvale Events very own, Mick Dawson crossed the finish line. Having re-started the race 6 days after the rest of the fleet, Mick and Andrew will not be ranked but they do receive a remarkable unassisted crossing time of 67 days, 2 hours and 45 minutes (adjusted crossing time of 61 days, 2 hours and 50 minutes from re-start date on Tuesday 06 December 2005).

For Mick Dawson, there will be only a short rest in Antigua before he returns to the UK to prepare his new boat for an independent single handed ocean rowing attempt of the Pacific Ocean in a few months time. For further information on Mick’s next voyage, please go to

Only a few hours later came the arrival of Boat No. 17 – Mission Atlantic which crossed the finish line at 1925 hours GMT. With a crossing time of 67 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes and an all female crew from Guernsey, Mission Atlantic has claimed a number of great firsts. Mission Atlantic crew members, Paula Evemy, Kathy Tracey, Sarah Day and Lois Rawlins-Duquemin are the first all female Fours crew to row the Atlantic Ocean, in fact to be specific any ocean and they are also the first crew to successfully row a Woodvale Fours class boat across the Atlantic Ocean (East to West).

The next two boats due to finish the race today (Monday 06 February 2006) are Boat No. 18 – Mark 3 crewed by Rob Eustace and Peter Williams, and the first single handed boat to finish the race, Boat No. 5 – Pacific Pete crew by Chris Martin.

Elsewhere in the fleet, primary support vessel Aurora has been alongside Boat No. 7 – Making Waves for a few hours this morning. Stephanie Temperton and Becky Thorpe have been out of contact now for five days after a fault with the GPS function on their Argos tracking beacon caused the battery to drain right down. However, Aurora was able to track them down to ask them to turn on their spare beacon and I can confirm that the light blue blob representing Making Waves has now reappeared on the Progress page with up to date positions.
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