Antigua. Notification of Rule Amendment - Atlantic Ocean Rowing Crossing Line Print E-mail
Monday, 06 February 2006
Teresa Page:

The official 'Atlantic Ocean Rowing Crossing' line of longitude is set at 59ș37W. Any vessel crossing this line but unable to pass through the Atlantic Rowing Race 2005 Finish Line, 1nm due south of Cape Shirley, Antigua will be classed as completing an ocean crossing but will not receive a race rank (race rankings to be released only after the last boat has finished the race).

Rowers should make their best efforts to reach Antigua. Woodvale Events will not recover rowers from their vessels except in emergency situations and if Woodvale Events is called upon to rescue individuals from their vessels, then we will have to destroy the abandoned rowing boats.

Reason for the rule amendment:

Many boats have found themselves south of Antigua due to adverse weather conditions. Previous Atlantic Rowing Races, Ocean Rowing Regattas and Independent Ocean Rows have all used 59ș37W as the 'Atlantic Ocean Rowing Crossing' line.
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