Antigua & France. Megayacht owners clamp down on drug taking crew and guests
Photo: Tatoosh
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Monday, 30 January 2006
Marian Martin

During the summer Mediterranean season, there were reports from Antibes of large yacht owners sacking crew members, who were found to have been taking drugs. Now, according to the Mail on Sunday, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has gone a stage further and made it clear that he will not tolerate drug taking, by either crew or charter guests, on board his 302 foot German built superyacht Tatoosh.

The Mail on Sunday revealed yesterday that, earlier this month, six members of the Antigua based yacht’s crew 30 strong crew were asked to resign, after traces of cocaine were found in hair and urine samples.

The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the yacht as saying “This is being taken very seriously. If a guest were to be found with drugs, they could be taken of the boat and the charter could be cancelled. This is something that we felt had to be done, partially for obvious safety reasons. You wouldn’t want a crew of your chartered yacht to be high any more that you would an airline pilot, but it is also because legal experts have told us that in US and other ports, the authorities could detain or even confiscate a boat if drug usage was found.”

The Tatoosh is available for charter Ł400,000 a week, plus a surcharge of about Ł100,000 for additional expenses.
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