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Saturday, 17 December 2005
Sue Richards:

24 hours left before the ARC2005 line closes

Rodney Bay Marina - The Marina Manager of Rodney Bay Marina, Cuthbert Didier and his wife Sancha, threw a wonderful bash last night for ARC participants at their waterside home in Rodney Bay Marina. With the majority of the ARC participants here now, their garden, house and dock were brimming with crew enjoying cocktails under the stars. Entertainment was priority with a number of acts lined up including a flame thrower, steel band, DJ and limbo dancer. The height of the pole got lower and lower, with plenty of participants having a go, until the pole was just a glass height off the floor. Incredibly the dancer eased herself underneath without even breaking a sweat! The party went on well into the early hours, with the stragglers leaving around 3am.

One participant was as fresh as a daisy this morning with an important date at the St. Lucia Yacht Club. At 3pm, Charlie Streather – who crossed with the ARC aboard BLESMA Spirit of Juno – and his wife Jo, renewed their marriage vows after 17 years of marriage. With Charlie’s friends from Juno also attending, the ceremony had to be slightly delayed due to them being late back from a diving trip, however in true Caribbean style this didn’t matter at all, and the ceremony went ahead a littler later than scheduled with their friends and family present. The ring had pride of place, resplendent in a coconut shell. A very romantic occasion.

With only 24 hours to go before the ARC finish line for 2005 closes, there are still nine boats left to finish. Stormdis, one of the Danish boats in the ARC, have just crossed the line and the reception in the marina has been incredible. Horns blaring, foghorns blasted, clapping and a crowd of well wishers on the dock as they came in- and in such style! Skipper Anders Baek was dressed for their arrival in his tuxedo, and the boat dog, a big black Labrador, was hugely excited with all the new smells of land. Two more boats, Lurata and Gambit, are estimated to arrive before the line closes tomorrow, leaving seven ARC yachts still to arrive in St. Lucia.

Although the ARC office will be closed for their arrival, the reception committee is still upheld by the Marina and their staff who enjoy bringing fruit and rum punch to every ARC yacht left to finish.

Tonight, as the full moon glows over Rodney Bay, the St. Lucia Yacht Club are holding a Full Moon Party on the beach for ARC participants. Those with any energy remaining after last night’s revelries will undoubtedly enjoy some great festivities on the beach.
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