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Wednesday, 09 June 2004
IMOCA : a major player in ocean racing

Following the publication of the Notice of Race by the SAEM Vendée, I.M.O.C.A. are pleased with the contents of the document.

It is the fruit of numerous constructive discussions over several months between the organisation and the SAEM Vendée in particular. As a major sporting player in the event I.M.O.C.A. has been associated with the drawing up of the document from the start.

In this way the work of I.M.O.C.A. over several years has been recognised, particularly as regards safety, since the Vendée Globe 2004 will be the first Vendée Globe raced solely under the rules of the I.M.O.C.A. class rating.

The sailors that created this class rating (Isabelle Autissier, Christophe Auguin, Alain Gautier, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede) and the current skippers in I.M.O.C.A. see their work rewarded and recognised in this way.

The SAEM Vendée tunes in to the sailors

The Notice of Race confirms the principals originally put forward at the press conference on 30 March 2004.

To recap, the skippers will benefit from a reimbursement of the inscription fees as well as considerably increased race prizes (475 000 Euros distributed between the winner and the last to finish).

In addition this Notice of Race has the common goal of achieving the widest possible broadcasting of images from the Vendée Globe for the greater good of the organiser, the skippers and their sponsors. In addition, the skippers will have their rights to the images filmed on board recognised, enabling them to be broadcast to a wider audience.

All this progress could not have been made without the willing of the SAEM Vendée to associate the sailors in the organisation of this event.

Through I.M.O.C.A. the skippers undertake to maintain their role with the SAEM Vendée so as this mythical race is a popular and sporting success.

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Luc Talbourdet IMOCA President
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