The world largest sloop - in words & pictures


BYM News goes sailing on the world’s largest sloop, Mirabella V, in company with the world’s largest clipper, Maltese Falcon. With us is J-class tactician, James Scott-Anderson, to give an expert’s view of the Mirabella V’s sailing qualities.


Mirabella V’s owner, Joe Vittoria, talks to BYM News about the dockside gossip and explains the motives for her build, her mast, her sails.

Joe Vittoria talks about the man (left) behind the Mirabella V concept, the build challenges and running a superyacht.

Short videos of the Maltese Falcon filmed from the Mirabella V and on board the Mirabella V at speed and a longer video of the Mirabella sailing.

Photo album with 260 pictures of the Maltese Falcon and the Mirabella V, on the day they went sailing together.

Photo album with pictures of the Mirabella V at the Monaco Grand Prix and sailing.

More Mirabella V - her early days.