Sun, sun and more sun; and guess what? No wind!
That pesky Kiwi supporters club has to be to blame for certain. All that shouting and dancing in grass skirts, apart from scaring dogs and small children half to death has also put the mockers on the weather.

It's Antipodean Voodoo and those grass skirts are driving the Spanish women to distraction.

Didn't you notice? During the boat parade, the moment they started to jump around and yell like demented dervils, it started raining like there was no tomorrow. Well today they did it again, only this time in a bloody great war canoe, with paddles that looked like decapitating devices and about five minutes later the wind stopped.

Joking apart. It was a sad day for the first of the round robins. Not a breath of steady wind all day. From 12.30 (local time) we sat and fried under the Spanish sun, with the more knowledgable hacks saying it’d be a no go from the first moment. The wind did start to fill slightly from the east at about 2.30, but at 6 Kn and with patches of calm further out to sea it was obvious that a long wait would be in hand.

ETNZ, Mascalzone, Areva, and +39 circled, practiced start maneouvers, dropped genoas, raised code zeros, and generally tried out the whole sail wardrobe until succombing to the same boredom we all felt on the press boat. The radio press were waxing lyrical about sea breezes and Russell Coutts laughing his ass off while the rest of us sat down in the limited shade and dreamt of sirloin steaks and Maori witch doctors. We waited, waited, and then went home.

A thought from the water.

Is there such a huge difference in +39s mast of the moment from the broken one? To my eyes it seems to have more rake than a Nantucket Clipper. Let’s see how it goes first but it looks like a very unbalanced rig to me.

Does Alinghi have a bendy keel?

The issue is pretty rife around the America’s Cup village and, in all probability, is nothing more than rumour. We were chatting about it on the press boat, yesterday, during our afternoon cruise around the bay and no one has a firm conclusion of what, if anything, would be able to cleanly fall within the IACC measurement rules.

Here’s my idea of what it, possibly, could be, but it's only speculation and Alinghi are obviously keeping quiet about the whole thing. Whether there is any truth to it or not, they are, clearly, enjoying watching the other teams running around trying to catch their own tails.