Every month, around 700 stories are published on the BYM Product & Industry News service many of them are about products. Some, like these inflatable fenders from Boat Bunkers, which struck us as great space savers, attract our attention more than others. Here’s a few more that, recently, caught our eye.



Boat cruiser Sail Boat Edition

The problem with most GPS chart plotters is that they assume you will travel in a straight line and, of course, sailing boats often don’t.

NavSim says that the new Sailboat edition of its BoatCruiser software takes tacking into account, even with multiple waypoints.

It’s on our “Must test this” list.

Electric Boat

This 6 metre pontoon boat was built by the Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company for boss Monte Gisborne, an alternative energy enthusiast who drives a hybrid electric car and mows his lawn with a solar powered tractor.

Even if you aren’t so “green” minded, the fact that this craft travelled the 200 kilometres, between Kingstown and Ottawa, for a total fuel cost of $3 has to sound good.

Floating radio

It’s always struck us as a bit odd that so many bits of boat­ing kit don’t float if you drop them overboard and that ap­plies to most handheld radios. Now ICOM has introduced one that does.

ASAP, a supplier of Environmentally Friendly Products to the marine industry, recently made the first European sale of a Centek-Mycelx wash down water remediation system in Europe. Let’s hope it is just the first of many sales of products that can help to clean up the lakes, rivers and seas that we go boating on.