Surely, we have reached a stage where only those who are utterly selfish and care nothing of future generations, not even their own children and grandchildren, can pretend to believe that mankind has not seriously damaged the earth’s environment and MUST attempt to reverse that damage?



Boaters and the boating industry have greater reasons than most to want to reverse the damage man has done to the planet.

The effect of climate change and environmental pollution on the seas is, clearly, already very significant and multi-faceted. Dwindling fish stocks, for example, are not just something that means a shortage of certain species for man’s consumption, it means an effect on the entire marine food chain, with consequences for everything that lives in the sea. That includes the dolphins, which bring immense pleasure to boaters world wide.

Increasingly unpredictable weather, with more frequent storms, will affect yachts that put to sea, increased incidence of flooding will affect those who prefer to cruise inland and increasing heat waves will make cruising unpleasant in some areas and insupportable in others.

Many scientists believe that the situation is on the verge of changing from serious to potentially catastrophic. Even if you don’t care whether Patagonian glaciers are melting, European flora and fauna are being made extinct and many areas of the globe are suffering devastating droughts, the prospect of catastrophic change should be of concern to YOU.

“Catastrophic” would mean that the effects of climate change will no longer be something almost imperceptible that makes people say “The weather never used to be like this”, it will mean unmistakeable and noticeable changes.

One thing that will accelerate is the already increased rate of rising sea levels and that could mean that, in the lifetime of some readers, port and marina installations could end up under water! Food for thought.