Yeah, the sailing ship is just held down in chains,
From the lazy days of sailing
She’s just lying there in silent pain
You lean the the tourist rail . . .
(Mark Knopffler)

The Cutty Sark

Who hasn’t heard of the Cutty Sark? Rebuilding the Cutty Sark and sailing her again would be the fulfillment of everyone's dream. Sailors who love old ships, the people of England and, last but not least, the young boys and girls around the world who have felt the mystique and the lure of the sea! She is probably the most well known sailing ship in the world. She is a legend and should be rebuilt to be sailed.

Sailing is a part of our culture

The popularity of wooden boats is obvious! Just tie one up in any marina, quay, or slip and there will be people stopping to look. The masses of on lookers at any wooden boat show are the proof, be it in America, Germany, England, or Spain, the attention is the same. Large crowds always turn out to see the tall ships. They are coveted, revered and highly in demand.

Popularity of sailing

Sailing is becoming a mecca for advertising and sponsorship in this century. The ABN-AMRO VOR 70 campaign has turned out to be a benchmark for media attention and extreme sport sponsorship funding. Not just speed but also skill could could set the pace for this old . . . new sport! With all those sails, 20 knots of wind nd perfect control, the Cutty Sark could race into history again!

Funding and Income

Popularity, advertising, and visual familiarity. Revell has un-officially sold around 100,000 models of the Cutty Sark since the 1960s.

This might be the fastest square rigger on the water, if handled right. There is no money to be made racing, but winning the „Tall ships Regatta“ would be a media blitz. An overnight berth on a typical square rigger cost an average of $1000.

The roots of sailing! The connection with history and culture is as broad as we can imagine it to be. Drake, Hawkins, Nelson, there is such a popular connection with sailing and sailors, The "Aubry and Maturin“ series by P. O‘brian are the perfect example of this popularity.

Why a boat on the water is easier to maintain.

Shipwrights instead of construction workers. Sailors do what sailors need to do, so preserve the ship! Wood construction is a problem on the water, but if it is out of the water then it needs to be protected from the elements. Mobile media coverage and international sponsorship! Being able to take the ship from port to port, fund raising event to fund raising event, is beneficial to the overall care and well being of the ship! Earning money to protect the investment of a rebuilt Cutty Sark is not just a goal but a business!

Rebuilding the Cutty Sark and launching her, returning her to her element, will be an event of the century. For Charter, for Training, for Education the Cutty Sark could sail through the spectrum of duties, fulfill the dreams of young and old alike. Bring history into our modern day world and teach people worldwide that we are indeed connected . . . by the Sea!

Peter Klippell is a specialist in historic preservation.

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