Simon Le Bon played at the America’s Cup Party. It seems like a good fit, for Duran Duran’s career peak was about the same time the America’s Cup was really interesting.
I remember a cocky Dennis Conner replying to an angry challenger – “I’m not dogging it. I’m sailing a cat.”
Spoken like a true Marlboro man Dennis. Maybe your next ride can be sponsored by subway… or better yet weight watchers.

How long was the winning streak? 125 years? It is actually nice to see the world get into this. It has to be the most famous yacht race in the world that doesn’t have a company name in the title – that has to count for something.

During the Louis Vuitton cup the Kiwis seemed to have this thing dominated and they have a similar sportsmanlike flare for sound bytes. “We are bringing the cup back home.”

I have to admit I was rooting for Luna Rosa. The red moon still is number one in my book. I wanted that pizza pie to drop from the sky and smack some kiwi amore. Remember Kiwis … after a win, you have to keep the cocky on the inside; I guess it comes with the territory. Competition morphs bright people into lunatics – hungry like the wolf – to bring one of the nicest pitchers in sailing home. Come on Italy! Next time around give those kiwis the boot!

Well, I have to hand it to the Swiss. They sailed hard and at the end of the series they were victorious. I have no idea what Alinghi means, but it rhymes with some of my favorite words. The Swiss make the best army knives in the world. I don't know if our American green berets have a pair of tweezers or a toothpick in the field of battle, but the Swiss do! All of the great technology and yet they always stay neutral in every war. Maybe their best scientists are working on top secret sailing technology instead of defense technology. They have already figured out how to put holes in cheese, those crafty devils, now they have to figure out how to make a spinnaker pole that doesn't break.