Why should it be different on the internet?

It shouldn't be different

It needn't be different

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With Opening Visual Imagery

why display?

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is as applicable on the internet as it is on paper. BYM advertising is based on the original principle that has been the cornerstone of advertising campaigns since the very beginning. It aims to, provide an attractive visual presentation, aimed at drawing attention to a company's product, or services, thus imprinting your company name on those who see the advertisement. In other words, to ensure that - when the viewer is ready to buy - your company is high on the readers short list.

opening visual imagery - brilliant in simplicity

It is a well known fact that internet users are reluctant to leave a site they are reading. BYM News' solution is to provide a means by which they can see your product, without even leaving the page!

Your attractive inviting advertisement, in the size shown in the RH Side bar, appears on a section of the BYM News of your choice. When a reader clicks on it, the BYM News page background fades out and he/she sees a full colour advertisement of your company message of, approximately, the same size as a full page in a glossy magazine, with the added bonus of a link to your website. Click on the examples and see for yourself.

standard, or highly exclusive


To place an advert similar to one of the top three examples, all we need is your words & pictures and we do the rest.


Our recently created BYM design studio is staffed by extremely talented young people. The "Add Colour" OVIs are examples from a creative study, carried out by the design studio team, aimed at encouraging high net worth tourist families to visit Sydney, Australia. Three attractions are featured, in each presentation, one intended to attract adults and the other aimed at younger family members. The 'hover' changes, from black and white to colour, subtly evoke the varying moods of this vibrant city, as well as presenting both the up market and livelier sides of Sydney.

Tell us about your product and target market and we will provide a concept suggestion and quotation.

hidden advantage

The desire to create a sophistocated image has driven many companies to commit to websites that use flash introductions, animated banners and other devices that take time to load. In our experience, whilst some enjoy the sophistocated look, many are driven to leave by the delay at getting where they want to be on such a site.

OVIs of the "Add Some Colour" type can overcome this, by having direct links to more than one page of a website.

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