BYM Gallery passes 16,023,000 views

Exceptional Advertising Oppportunities, Now Available in the BYM Photo Gallery.

For the first time since its Creation in 2004 Standard Advertising is available in the BYM photo Gallery.

BYM now offers 21 only selected advertising or sponsorship opportunities on each of its 21 Photo Gallery categories

The message and images will appear in the oblong box at the top of the selected category and be repeated whenever a picture is opened.

Your Display size 728x90 (shown at 75% below)

For example an advertiser of a particular Category such as Ocean and Coastal would have its message of 90 x 728 pixels repeated with each picture opened, in this case 56,362 opportunities. (16. 02. 2015)

Click on the small right hand TV screen above the picture to watch a slide show Each picture seen will carry the Sponsors Publicity

Links at the foot of each press release on each of the 9 news indexes direct the reader to the appropriate Category.

On February 16 2015 the Gallery figures were 242,385 photos in 1292 albums with 21 categories.
Viewed 16,023,173 times

BYM publishes news and pictures from all the major yachting events world wide.

Industry news follows events as they occur with a greater content during the European Boat Show season.

This is an exceptional opportunity for publicity as the Photo Gallery receives a constant flow of views, NON STOP 24/24 7/7

To see the categories available go to

For further information of this unique oportunity please contact [email protected]