Fengxian Yacht City


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The Yangtze River delta is the world’s sixth largest urban area. It occupies 1% of China’s land area and accounts for 20% of Chinese production value and can, therefore, be called the economic heart of China.

In the early twentieth century, Shanghai was, arguably, the most glamorous and cultured city in China. Now that China’s doors are again open to the world, Shanghai is rapidly regaining its reputation as a cosmopolitan city. It is the economic leader of the Yangtze River delta, and development very fast.

Fengxian is situated in the south of Shangai and the south east of the Yangtze River delta. It is where the Chang Jiang river, Tai Hu river and Hang Zhou bay are connected. Four highways already run through the disttict and Fengxian is also the bridge head for the coastal highway that is under construction and various railway projects.

Fengxian aims to be the focal point for the development of the Chinese Yacht industry.

Jin Hui Yacht Town

Folklore says that Fengxian was the place where Yan Yan, a disciple of Confucious lectured and started the Confucian movement. Today’s Fengxian is a newly emerging industrial base and the southern door to Shanghai, for international trading and shipping It takes just 30 minutes to reach Fengxian from Shanghai city centre and 20 minutes to get to Pu Dong airport.

To the north of Fengxian is the Huang Po River and to the south Hang Zhou Bay, which has a 50 nm coastline of long, golden beaches.

The Jing Hui river is one of Shanghai’s largest rivers and connects the Huang Pu river, in the north, with Hang Zhou Bay, in the south. It is 24.2 kilometres long and about 100 metres wide.

A riverside area of 10 square kilometres has been designated as the site of the Jin Hui Harbour yacht city, which will have a yacht harbour, with clubhouse and other amenities, a commercial area with yacht brokerage and chandleries, a yacht exhibition hall and a yachting tourism centre. There will also be a F1 power boat circuit and watersports facilities.

Large scale development of public amenities are also planned for this area, including a grand theatre, deluxe hotel and an exhibition centre, all in landmark buildings designed to complement the . The whole area will be extensively landscaped.

Investment and cooperation opportunities:

Operation partnerships with world famous yacht clubs;

Investment in marina developements and operation and management of marinas;

Investment in a centre for yacht distributors;

Investment in the yacht exhibition centre and operation of the centre;

Investment in waterfront property development..


Jinsha Coastal Development

The Jinsha coastal development will bring together a number of small communities around a golden beach and turn the ensemble into Shanghai’s premier watersports and leisure destination, with a golf course, tennis court, hotels, restaurants and a conference centre, as well as moorings for visiting yachts  It is expected that this development, which will have numerous natural and man made attractions will, eventually, become the number one sea and beach holiday destination in the Shangai region.

Nan Qiao Yacht Area

The Nan Qiao Yacht district will be within easy reach of the Huang Pu river to the north and Hang Zhou Bay to the south.  

The development of the new town of Nan Qiao has already begun. The plan is for an affluent township, with an abundance of green spaces, public squares and wide, tree lined boulevards, which will have an atmosphere that is more western than Chinese, for it is modeled on Barcelona, Spain.

To the south of Nan Qiao, on the south bank of the Jinhui river, there is a forest region of 9 square kilometres, with a total of 1550 acres of water. This area will be transformed into a select development of town houses, with moorings and a marina.

The plan is to harmoniously integrate this urban development, with the natural landscapes of the Pu Nan Canal, giving visitors and those who make their home here the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of twentieth century life, whilst still being able to enjoy the natural beauty and rich wildlife of the region.

Investment and cooperation opportunities:

Investment in the marina developement and operation and management of the marina;

Investment in waterside property development.


Investment and cooperation opportunities:

Investment in a water recreation centre and operation and management of the centre;

Investment in and operation of projects linked to yachting tourism;

Investment in waterfront property developement.

Feng Xian Yacht Industrial Zone


The Feng Yang yacht industry zone will be located to the seaward side of the entrance to Jing Hui Harbour and connect to the Huang Po and the Yangtze river systems. The zone is 60 kms from Yang Shan deep water harbour and 20 kms from Jing Hui yacht city. It is about 50 minutes drive from Sanghai city centres and 40 minutes from the airports at Hong Qiao and Pu Dong.

The Feng Xian yacht industry zone aims to provide a base for the yachting industry, in an area of over 1 sq km. The zone will be divided into six core areas for yacht production, yacht component manufacture, interior decoration and woodworking, shipping and storage, yacht research and development and an administrative centre. There will be berthing facilities.  

Investment and cooperation opportunities:

Investment in the overall project;

Investment in a centre for “blue chip” yacht manufacturers;

Investment in a centre for engine manufacturing enterprises;

Investment in a centre for yacht component manufacturing enterprises;

Investment in the yacht research and development project.