Ever since the USA 87 bowsprit was revealed, there has been speculation about its significance and the clues it might give to what lies below the yacht’s skirts. Much of what has been said - “the boat is much shorter”, “the mast is 2 metres further forward”, for example - has been wildly inaccurate, but there is still much to speculate about. Does USA 87 have twin keels? No rudder? A hard chine? The questions are unlikely to be quickly answered, but these exclusive BYM News pictures of USA 87 and the older USA 76 may help readers form an opinion.

The one boat pictures are of USA 87; in the two boat pictures, USA 87 is in the foreground. Clicking on any picture will take you to a larger version in the BYM Photo Gallery and pictures there can be further enlarged, with a click.

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Photos Marian Martin

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